Core Utilities Directory

IFS Utility

JCRIFS Displays a subfile of entries in selected IFS directory! Optionally, JCRIFS will install a RPG Power ToolChest utility directly from selected IFS entries (you must copy the XML install files from the ToolChest CD's Install-Each directory to your IFS).

Source Code Utilities

JCRANZD Print Display File (DSPF) layout / field name report.
JCRANZO Print O-Spec layout / field name report.
JCRANZP Print Print File (PRTF) layout / field name report.
JCRIND Display indicators used in RPG / CL / DDS source code.
JCRKLIST Generate RPG KLIST/KFLD source code from selected file. Extremely quick tool when you are programming!
JCRPRTF Generate DDS Print File (PRTF) source specs from RPG4 output specs.
JCRNUMB Mark the RPG structure statements in your source code. Also a powerful /free source reformat indention tool. It can automatically format your /free code based on logic structures.
JCRRDENT Print indented RPG source listing.
JCRCDENT Print indented CL source listing.
JCRLSRC Print source code lib/file/member and module info for every *PGM object in selected library.
JCRCALL Quick command prompt created from any program's entry parameter field names/attributes.
JCRRFLD Length of fields used in RPG source code.
JCRRFIL File name / Record format Xref for RPG source.
JCRSMLT Powerful source scan utility! Scan multiple source files / multiple strings.
JCRFSET Scan File Set where used. Lists all RPG/CLP source members using selected PF and any associated LFs.
JCRSUBR Print program Subroutine Structure. Reads RPGLE source and creates an indented listing of the subroutine names.

File Utilities

JCRSO Quick File Keys-Select/Omit Display.
JCRDBR Expanded data base relations display/print.
JCRFFD File field description print / display / outfile / rpgle source. Detail key fields and search field/text capabilities have been added.
JCRNOTPOP List of fields in selected data file that are not populated.
JCRLKEY Find logical with selected key field(s). New modifications have made this a really useful key analysis tool!
JCRDELIM Generate RPGLE source to generate variable delimited ASCII flat file.
JCRFD Display File Description with view Data Base relations, Members (with remove option), Record Formats, and Trigger information.

DtaX Utilities

JCRDQD Display data queue descriptions.
JCRDQE Display dataq entries without disturbing the entries.
JCRDTAARA List *DECimal Data Area values and Distance to Rollover.

Object Utilities

JCRLOG Never press F9 to retrieve executed commands again! Great timesaver.
JCROBJD Expanded work with objects display. Powerful cleanup assist tool.
JCRFJOBDL Find JOBDs with selected library on Library list . Run before deleting library.
JCRLOBJ List generic objects example command.
JCRBND Outputs a list of procedures/symbols that are exported by a selected *BNDDIR, *SRVPGM or *MODULE. Great tool for finding where procedure names are located.
JCRJOB List selected Job Names with Options (including slick file I/O monitor).
JCRPATTR Prompt CRTPRTF with existing print file creation attributes.
JCRSPLF List selected Spool Files with Options. Includes ability to duplicate spooled files and override creation attributes.
JCROLCK Much better than the standard WRKOBJLCK. Allow SNDBRKMSG to user.
JCRRECRT Load existing command values for recreate.
JCRSSQL Scan interactive STRSQL sessions for selected SQL statements. (Note: To create this utility, you must be authorized to the DMPSYSOBJ command.)
JCRDUMP Count/Analyze RPG Dump spooled files.
JCRUSPACE View selected User Space. Very handy for user space analysis.
JCRRTVRPG Retrieve v5r1 RPG source from compiled (with *LIST) object.


Generate report comparing pool IDs defined in SBSD to pool IDs actually used by routing entries. Helpful when trying to clean up subsystem definitions.


Displays subfile of files being journaled by selected journal name.


Returns big characters (12 X 13) for passed in 10 char string. Used in production to return heading user profile data for spooled file distribution. Includes called program and example print program.


Figure out payments or how much you can afford to borrow.


Bar graph example. Simple way to show a bar graph in a Display file.


Shows a subfile of the hex/biton values to generate all valid screen characters.


SEU Exit Program that will split/combine lines while in a SEU session. Big time saver!


Copy to Stream File program. Will send source member to the IFS drive and .zip it for you.


Copy to Stream File program. Will send *SAVF object to the IFS drive and .zip it for you. 01/29/2003: expanded target directory to allow 50 long path.
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