“Integrate Microsoft Excel
with your iSeries and your
job gets a lot easier...”

Now you can quickly and easily modernize your iSeries reports with Microsoft Excel with the iSeries.

This hands-on training shows you the work-a-day techniques that will save you time and keep your users happy and productive.
Here's what you get:
It comes with an illustrated manual and a CD containing all the exercise source code, a complete Excel workbook with buttons to run queries and a sample user request workbook for creating clearly defined user requests that will make your job easier.

Here is what you will learn:
  • How to get any file into an Excel spreadsheet.

  • How to use Query/400 to “filter” what records to put into Excel.

  • How to use the AS/400 IFS to copy information into Excel.

  • How to call programs on the iSeries from your PC using RMTCMD.

  • How to use Visual Basic in Excel to run a program on the iSeries and open the results in Excel.

  • How to pass parameters to called programs on the iSeries right from Excel.

  • How to modify fonts, column widths, lock titles, set formatting and more . . . all automatically, once an iSeries file is opened in Excel.

  • How to build Query/400 queries and never have to change them again to select different date ranges.

  • How to click a button in Excel and open other PC programs, other spreadsheets, even web-sites.
No software to buy
If you have iSeries Access (Client Access) and Microsoft Office you already have everything you need.
Note: This is practical training developed in a real iSeries working environment and used on a daily basis.
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Order Microsoft Excel with the iSeries for a free 15-day examination. Look the materials over without cost or obligation. If you are not 100% satisfied return the training along with our invoice. You have no risk or obligation. Price: $495 plus $9.75 S&H in Continental US.
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