TurboQuery/400 Training Module
With TurboQuery/400 you will supercharge your queries, saving time and processor resources.


This new dynamic self-paced training allows you to run a group of queries with one program selection and only enter the date range once for all the queries in that group.

You can still see which date range was last used, the last time the group of queries ran, who ran the group, and when it ran. This will increase the accuracy of your querying and reduce the impact on your system resources by submitting all the queries, rather than running them interactively.

You can even receive an e-mail when a query completes. You get all this plus the Bonus DataFinder Utility with source code!

Here's is what you will learn:

  • Automate, document, and organize your queries.

  • Run a group of queries with one command and no modification to any of the queries even if they check for date ranges!

  • Open query reports directly in MS Excel. Stop re-keying into Excel from paper printouts. Put all the information you want on a report. Go way past the 132 columns.

  • Reduce the impact on your system resources from Query/400 queries.

  • Schedule running of one or a series of queries at your choice of date and time.

  • Receive an email notification when queries are complete

    This practical training, developed in a real working environment, is guaranteed to save you time and make your job easier. The big illustrated manual comes with easy to follow instructions, complete with screen shots and source code.
    You also get 12 Labs with all the source code included on a CD. It Works !
  • Bonus DataFinder Utility Included!
    The included DataFinder utility allows you to search file and field text descriptions using the key words you specify. You'll quickly find precisely the data you need to query. For Example, your boss wants a report on rebate totals in one hour, but you didn't even know rebates existed! No problem. Just call up the DataFinder and type "rebate" into the field text search. DataFinder will quickly display all the fields containing the word "rebate." Next, you'll verify that the files have current data by reviewing when they were last used. Then, write your query, keep the boss happy, and quickly return to your other critical projects.

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    Price: $695