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WebFacing Now! takes you step-by-step through the installation and configuration process. It covers converting DDS screens into WebFacing code in the WebSphere Test Environment on your PC. You'll then see how to configure, start and test WSApp Server-Express (WAS-E) on your iSeries and bring up your new web apps served from your iSeries in your PC browser. Your users will stand up and applaud!
What you need:
On your iSeries:
    OS/400 V5R1M0 or OS/400 V5R2M0 and
    WebSphere Application Server-Express version 5.0 or 5.1
    (Licensed Program Product 5722-IWE)
One of the following IBM development tools for your PC:
    WDSC for iSeries, version 5.0
    WDSC Advanced Edition for iSeries, version 5.0
    WDSC for iSeries, version 5.1
    WDSC Advanced Edition for iSeries, version 5.1
Note: WDSCi 5.0 or WDSCi 5.1 are shipped with the IBM Licensed Program Product, 5722-WDS WebSphere Development ToolSet. If you have the RPG or COBOL compiler installed on your iSeries, you should also have a copy of the PC tools.
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What you will do:
  • Install WDSCi on your PC - complete instructions to install and configure the toolset you'll use for WebFacing
  • Convert DDS screens to WebFacing applications. A step-by-step guide to using the WebFacing tool in WDSCi to convert the sample DDS screens
  • Configure WebSphere Application Server-Express on the iSeries. A "how-to" guide to configure WAS-E to run your WebFacing application.
  • Export and run your WebFacing application. How to copy (export) your WebFacing code from your PC to WAS-E, and how to get your WebFacing application up and running on the iSeries.
What you will learn:
Upon completion you'll be able to:
  • Work with WDSCi on your PC to create WebFacing applications
  • Configure and work with WebSphere Application Server-Express on your iSeries
  • Create WebFacing applications using your programs and DDS display files
  • Work with WDSCi and the IFS to export your WebFacing applications from the PC to your iSeries
  • Run your programs as WebFacing applications in your PC browser
WebFacing Now! includes a step-by-step instruction manual and a CD-ROM with complete RPG and DDS source code for the examples. Price: $495 plus $9.75 S&H in the Continental US.
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