Develop Microsoft .NET Applications for the iSeries - (DNET)

Remarkably easy to learn and use

One of the quickest and most effective ways to modernize your iSeries applications is to create web and windows front-ends built using the Microsoft .NET framework. There's no need to scrap your iSeries investment, you can use the DB2 UDB database on the iSeries. Compared to some of the other modernization technologies, you'll find that the programming languages and tools used with Microsoft .NET are remarkably easy to learn and use effectively.

In this all new course, you'll quickly get up-to-speed with the tools, programming languages and development techniques that will let you create database driven applications in just a few short hours. Instead of spending a lot of time on boring examples that don't address business needs, you'll start creating database access code in your very first program.

As you create and run the programs, you'll quickly become familiar with the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment. Prior experience is not required; we'll show you exactly what you need to do to get your programs working. As soon as you complete one program, you'll use it as the basis for the next. With each program you complete, your skill and confidence will increase. You'll find that developing iSeries applications using VB.NET is a comfortable and rewarding way to program, and is an excellent complement to your current RPG skills.

Here's is what you will learn:
  • How to work in the Visual Studio development environment with solutions, projects, modules and other code files
  • How to work with the code editor and use its built-in shortcuts to help you write bug-free code
  • How to start and stop programs, and more importantly, how to set and use breakpoints in your programs
  • How to use the IBM OLE DB Provider or the IBM DB2 .NET Provider to connect to your iSeries database
  • How to quickly identify and resolve connection problems so that you can access your iSeries database
  • How to handle exceptions and how to obtain detailed error information to pinpoint run-time problems
  • Quick and easy techniques to develop test programs that display'll be amazed at how quickly you can start seeing results, and pleased with how you can easily migrate code from your test programs to useful applications for production
  • How to use the iSeries Navigator tools to develop and test SQL, including stored procedures, and how to easily retrieve and modify the source code of an iSeries SQL stored procedure
  • How to create a simple web application in minutes that will use your SQL statements to retrieve and display iSeries data...use this technique to create prototype web applications in minutes
  • Reduce the impact on your system resources from Query/400 queries. Easy techniques to create web forms to display and update iSeries'll also learn how to link list type web displays to detail displays, to get the full functionality of subfile/detail type programming in your web applications.

There's more . . .
Plus hundreds of other tips, techniques and examples that will help you learn how to work with Visual Studio, VB.NET, SQL...and without making a big issue about it, you'll find yourself becoming comfortable with object oriented programming terms, techniques and practices as you work effectively with one of the most modern object oriented development environments .

This training works! Recently, a group of iSeries RPG programmers put this training to the test. Most of them had never used Microsoft Visual Studio before or had any experience with Visual Basic. Within the first hour, they all had database driven applications up and running. Best of all, they knew what they were doing, and quickly worked through the material. By the end of the day, everybody agreed that the programming environment and VB.NET were effective tools for developing database driven web applications for the iSeries.

You too can have the same rewarding experience. Once you see first-hand what you can do, you'll be ready to put your newly acquired skills and understanding to use. Many businesses are actively looking for development tools that will let them take advantage of their existing skill set, but provide them with powerful development options that don't take months to learn. By completing this training, you'll have an excellent understanding of the .NET option and how it can be used with your iSeries.

    (Required Hardware, Software and Skill Level)
    AS/400, iSeries or i5 server running OS/400 V5R1, V5R2, V5R3 or later
    Client Access Express V5R1M0 or iSeries Access V5R2M0 or iSeries Access V5R3M0 or later

    Important note: even if your installation has not licensed iSeries Access from IBM, you still have access to the database components that are used in this course. IBM provides those important options free of charge to all OS/400 licensees.
    - (optional) DB2 Query Manager and SQL Developer's Kit (5722-ST1)
    - (optional, required for stored procedures examples) iSeries Navigator installed on your PC

    One of the following Microsoft development environments:
    Microsoft Visual Basic .NET v2003
    Microsoft Visual Studio .NET v2003 (any edition)

    PC Operating System: (one of the following installed on your development PC)
    Windows 2000 Professional - Windows 2000 Server - Windows 2000 Advanced Server - Windows XP Professional
    Windows 2003 Server

    Note: Windows XP Home Edition can be used for the first several chapters of this course, but you will not be able to develop and run web applications in Visual Studio .NET when using Windows XP Home Edition. This is a Microsoft limitation.

    Important Note: You must obtain and install all required software for your iSeries and PC development environment. We do not and cannot provide copies of IBM or Microsoft software for your use.

    Skill level: Some experience with computer programming and database. Any RPG programmer with 1 or more years of experience will be able to successfully complete this course. This course is not intended for end-users or for novice programmers. The course material provides an introduction to using Microsoft .NET technologies, with an emphasis on Console applications, web forms and ADO.NET techniques. Programmers who already have extensive Microsoft .NET experience will already be familiar with most of the material presented in this course.

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