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What you will learn
Note: the minimum release level for this course is V5R2 for version 1 V5R3 for version 2.


by Paul Tuohy

iSeries Navigator is now one of the most powerful tools available to iSeries Programmers. With a mastery of iSeries Navigator, you can shorten your learning curve for acquiring new skills, like working with the Integrated File System and SQL. iSeries Navigator for Programmers was developed by Paul Touhy, specifically for iSeries programmers. The training is self-paced and comes with a CD containing all code used. This training is also a useful desktop reference you'll turn to time and again. Youíll learn things you canít do on Green Screens.

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Here's just some of the important techniques
you'll learn in iSeries Navigator for Programmers
  • How to get a graphical view of your database with Database Navigator
  • How to manage Triggers
  • How to manage and work with SQL constraints
  • How to perform the GUI equivalent of WRKSPLF, DSPMSG, WRKUSRJOB, etc. When to use the GUI interface and when green screen is still best
  • How to access the IFS from Windows
  • How to manage the IFS with iSeries Navigator
  • How to get the equivalent of Network Neighborhood on green screen
  • How to use iSeries Navigator to manage the database without becoming an expert in SQL
  • When to use SQL and when to use DDS
  • How to use GUI interfaces to create tables, indexes, and views
  • How to create User Defined Functions, the most powerful features available through the database
  • Easy ways to get started with SQL
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Note: the minimum release level for this course is V5R2 for version 1 and V5R3 for version 2.


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