Data Base Administration I
(Data Description Specifications)

Course Code: ADB1


Data Base Administration I is a self-paced, multimedia course providing comprehensive, practical training in describing and creating physical and logical files.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Use Data Description Specifications (DDS) to define physical and logical files.
Define alphanumeric and numeric fields and assign attributes that validate user- entered data, present the data in edited form, allow input only, output only, or both, and other useful attributes.
Create a field reference file that serves as the single-source supplier of field attributes to other files.
Create files that allow only one file member, or an unlimited number of file members, and be able to add, clear, or remove file members.
Create logical files that concatenate two or more fields into one field and split a field into smaller fields.
Create files indexed by one or more fields, permit or restrict duplicate keys, or sequence records in FIFO or LIFO order.
Create logical files that join or interleave records from two or more files and select records based on the value of one or more fields.
Specify how a file's access path should be maintained by the system for performance.
Use OS/400 CL commands to display descriptions of files, fields, and the relationships between physical and logical files.

Physical Files
Record Format Definitions
Field Definitions
Field Naming Conventions
Key Field Definitions
Field Reference Files
DDS Keywords
Multiple Members
Logical Files
Record Format Definition
Field Definitions
Access Path Definitions
Select/Omit Definitions
DDS Keywords
Multiple Members
Multiple Record Formats
Join Logical Files
Joining Physical Files
Field Definitions
Access Path Definitions
Select/Omit Definitions
DDS Keywords
Access Paths
Arrival Sequence
Keyed Sequence
Maintenance Types
   DDS Keywords
Key Field Definition
File Handling CL Commands

Any programmer, systems analyst, or data base administrator who will have the task of defining and creating data base files.
Workstation Operations
System Operations
Seventeen Audio CDs
Student Text
Interactive Media
Time Required
Approximately 15 Hours

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