System Operations

Course Code: AOP1


System i-iSeries-AS/400 System Operations is a self-paced, multimedia course providing comprehensive, practical training in the operation of an System i-iSeries-AS/400.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Identify the hardware components and peripherals that can be attached to an System i-iSeries-AS/400.
Identify the basic library and object structures of the System i-iSeries-AS/400.
Use the OS/400 menu and command interfaces to perform system functions.
Startup and shut down the System i-iSeries-AS/400.
Locate, create, change, and delete objects.
Initiate, monitor, and control jobs.
Send and display messages.
Backup and restore objects using tape and diskette.
Configure local devices.

AS/400 Concepts
Single-Level Storage
Object-Oriented Architecture
Libraries and Objects
Working with Libraries
Displaying a Library
Copying a Library
Creating, Deleting, and Clearing a Library
Explicitly Describing Objects
Object Naming Rules
Working with Objects
Renaming an Object
Moving an Object
Creating a Duplicate Object
Command Prompting
Command Parameters
Positional and Keyword Notation
Listing Permissible Values
System i-iSeries-AS/400 Menus
Using menu Search Paths
Help Support
Moving to a Specific Menu (GO)
Task and Command Grouping Menus
System Start Up and Shut Down
Initial Program Load (IPL)
Attended vs. Unattended IPLs
Setting Automatic IPLs
Powering Down the System
Forcing Power Down
Library Lists
System Library List
Product Library List
Current Library
User Library List
Changing and Editing a Library List
SAVE/RESTORE and Media Handling
Tape and Diskette Considerations
Initializing Tape and Diskette
Save Files
Work Management
Interactive and Batch Jobs
Job Attributes
Job Queues and Job Descriptions
Working with Jobs
Working with Printer Output
Spooled Files and Output Queues
Starting and Stopping Printers
Working with Spooled Files
Sending and Receiving Messages
Messages and Message Queues
Sending a Message
Displaying a Message
Error Messages
Local Device Configuration
Configuration Objects
Using Auto-Configuration
Manually Configuring Devices
Monitoring and Varying Devices
System Values
Displaying a System Value
Changing a System Value
Operational Assistant

System operators and application programmers.
Workstation Operations
Seventeen Audio CDs
Student Text
Interactive Media
Time Required
Approximately 12 Hours

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