Advanced System Operations

Course Code: AOP3


AS/400 Advanced System Operations is a self-paced, multimedia course providing comprehensive, practical training in expanded operator skills.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Identify, analyze, and initiate corrective actions for system, device, job, application, and authority-related problems.
Identify the actions required to handle error messages and System Reference Codes (SRCs).
Utilize the PTF process: place PTF orders, load, apply, display, remove, process cumulative PTFs, etc.
Develop a backup strategy for system and user objects.
Save objects allocated by other applications.
Organize, copy, and override data base and device files.
Create and use journals and journal receivers.
Identify the system values that affect the computing environment.
Work with the Copy Screen Image function.

Work with the Copy Screen Image function.
Error Messages
Work with Support Contact Information
Working with the Problem Log
Working with Problems
   Preparing and Reporting a Problem
   Analyzing Problems
   Deleting Problems
System Problems
   Analyzing Problems with a System Reference Code (SRC)
   Analyzing Problems without a System Reference Code
Save System
Save Changed Objects
Save While Active
Saving a Journal Receiver
Saving a Save File
Operational Assistant Automatic Backup
Checksum Protection
Device Files
Data Base Files
   Physical Files
   Keyed Sequence
   Logical Files
   RGZPFM (Reorganize Physical File Member)
   Record Locks
Journaling and Journal Management
   Changing Journal Receivers
   Deleting Old
Journal Receivers
Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs)
Ordering PTFs
Loading PTFs
Applying PTFs
Removing PTFs
Displaying PTFs Status
Copy Screen Images
Start Copy Screen
End Copy Screen
User Profiles
Object Authority
Object Owner
System Security
History Logs
System Value Definitions

Experienced AS/400 operators.
AS/400 Workstation Operations
AS/400 System Operations
Fourteen Audio CDs
Student Text
Interactive Media
Time Required
Approximately 12 Hours

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