Program Development

Course Code: APD1


AS/400 Program Development is a self-paced, multimedia course designed to quickly give new AS/400 programmers the ability to use IBM's Application Development Tools to develop programs. OS/400 Control Language examples are used to provide students with hands-on experience with the Programming Development Manager and the Source Entry Utility.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Create programming environment objects (test libraries, job descriptions, output queues).
Create source physical files for storing source program members.
Use the Source Entry Utility (SEU) features to create, edit, copy, move, and delete source code statements.
Use the Programming Development Manager (PDM) to copy, rename, delete, and print source members and objects.
Compile and test programs and commands.
Locate old versions of programs automatically saved by the AS/400.
Create user-defined PDM options.
Use advanced SEU and PDM features.
Separate user and programmer activity.

Programming Environment
Creating Libraries
Test Libraries vs. Production Libraries
Library Lists
Creating Job Descriptions and Output Queues
Creating Source Physical Files
Separating User and Programmer Activity
Synchronizing Objects and Sources
Source Entry Utility
Creating and Editing Source Members
Copying, Moving, Deleting Source Statements
Using Single Statement and Block Statement Operations
Changing the Edit Session Defaults
Using the Browse/Copy Function
Using the Find/Replace Function
Prompted and Unprompted Statement Entry
Selecting Programming Language Formats
Using the SEU Command Line
Programming Development Manager
Setting the PDM Defaults
Compiling New and Existing Programs
Copying, Renaming, Deleting, Displaying, and Printing:
   Source Members
Searching Source Members
Working with Subsets
Creating User-Defined PDM Options

New AS/400 programmers with or without previous AS/400 experience.
AS/400 Workstation Operations
AS/400 System Operations or equivalent experience
Five Audio CDs
Student Text
Time Required
Approximately 6 Hours

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