RPG IV Programming

Course Code: ARP3


AS/400 RPG IV Programming is a self-paced, multimedia training course designed to get RPG programmers started with the RPG IV language. Using example source code and database files, students will learn how to create RPG IV source files, convert RPG III source into RPG IV source, use C-spec operations and built-in functions, create modules and programs, and debug interactive and batch programs. An overview of the Integrated Language Environment is also provided.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Create source physical files and log files for converting legacy RPG code.
Convert RPG III to RPG IV source code.
Create programs using 2-step and 1-step processes.
Use new RPG specifications.
Use new C-spec operations.
Use built-in functions.
Use data types and date arithmetic.
Debug interactive and batch programs.
Create User-Defined PDM options for converting source, compiling programs, and querying log files.

ILE Concepts
*MODULES vs. *PGM Objects
Bound Calls
Service Programs
Binding Directories
Activation Groups
OPM Compatibility
RPG Language
Creating Source Files
Converting RPG III to RPG IV
RPG IV Specifications
Creating ILE Programs
Two-Step Compiles
One-Step Compiles
Optimization Levels
Program Size
Selecting a Debugging View
Debugging Interactive Jobs
Debugging Batch Jobs
Conditional and Unconditional Breakpoints
Displaying and Changing Variables
Stepping Through Program Execution
RPG IV Features
The EVAL Operation
Built-In Functions
Date Arithmetic

Experienced RPG programmers who need or want to start using the RPG IV Language.
RPG/400 programming experience
Seven Audio CDs
Student Text
Interactive Media
Time Required
Approximately 14 Hours

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