AS/400 Security

Course Code: ASE1


AS/400 Security is a self-paced, multimedia course providing comprehensive, practical hands-on training on the fundamentals of AS/400 security.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Develop policies for securing objects.
Create, maintain, and delete user profiles, group profiles, and authorization lists.
Protect objects with explicit authority, group profiles, and authorization lists.
Identify and modify IBM-supplied user profiles.
Set up defaults for public authority to objects.
Set the system security level.
Set security-related system values referenced by user profiles in accordance with security policies.
Change user authority to objects to a level appropriate for the object type.
Set up rules for passwords and failed sign on attempts.
Change the owner of an object and establish defaults for the creation of new objects.
Determine when Adopted Authority should and should not be used and identify programs that adopt owner's authority.
Use the Security, User, and Object Auditing features to monitor activity.
Use IBM-Supplied Security Tools.

User Profiles
User Classifications
Special Authorities
Limiting Capabilities
User Control Over Own Profile
IBM-Supplied User Profiles
Creating, Changing, and Deleting Profiles
Using Model Profiles
Group Profiles
Object Authority
Object and Data Rights
Authority Search Sequence
Granting and Revoking Authority
Libraries, Files, and Output Queues
Field Level Security Using Logical Files
Column Level Security
DLO and IFS Security
Group Authority
Object Ownership
Public Authority
Adopting Authority
Security Controls
Setting the Security Level
Limiting Device Sessions
Invalid Sign On Attempts
Inactive Display Sessions
Remote Sign On
Password Rules
Adopted Authority
Security Strategies
Password, Menu, and Resource Security
Using Group Profiles
Using Authorization Lists
Object Ownership Policies
Restricting Devices and Subsystems
Security Officers and Administrators
Tracking Security Events
Authority Failures and Changes
User Profile Changes
Invalid Sign On Attempts
Restored Objects
Deleted Objects
User Activity
Object Activity

Experienced AS/400 personnel responsible for developing or implementing security policies.
AS/400 Workstation Operations
AS/400 System Operations
AS/400 Advanced System Operations
Thirteen Audio CDs
Student Text
Interactive Media
Time Required
Approximately 14 Hours

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