Microsoft Word with the iSeries!
Talk about smiling managers and happy users! Now you can create better looking, easier to read and understand RPG report printouts with graphics, varied fonts, underlines, and bolding using Microsoft Word with the iSeries!

Within a few short hours, you will tap into the power of Microsoft Word on the iSeries. This self-paced training comes with a source code CD and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
You will learn how to:

Cool iSeries stuff with Microsoft Word!
  • Create Microsoft Word templates that contain graphics, varied fonts, bold text, and underlined text that can be saved to the Integrated File System (IFS) on your iSeries and copied directly into OS/400 Database files.
  • Create and use RPG programs to modify the contents of those physical files, merge information from other files into the appropriate documents (based on your organization's rules), and then store them in appropriate folders on your IFS.
  • Create the merged documents at a pre-set date and time from the job scheduler or on-demand by choosing an iSeries menu option.
  • Create buttons in Word that will print all the Word documents in specific folders and then clean up the folders.
  • Create better looking, easier to read and understand RPG report printouts with varied fonts, underlines, bolding, and graphics.
  • Use your iSeries to start PC programs that select menu options, including opening Word documents and automating the compression of files using Winzip.
This is cool stuff! Your managers and users will stand up and applaud! Discover the power and functionality of Microsoft Word on the iSeries. Microsoft Word with the iSeries is available for a Price of $395. Get your copy today.
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