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Aftershox was formed in October 1998 in the Antelope and Santa Clarita Valleys of Southern California located roughly 60+ miles North of Los Angeles. We work and play in the nearby areas of Palmdale, Lancaster, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Tehachapi, Lake Los Angeles, Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, etc. We're primarily a classic-rock band, but we like to throw in some blues, jazz, country, and some new stuff too. We gig a few times a month.

Collectively, we have many decades of musical experience. In fact, more than we'd like to admit. Suffice it to say that our musical maturity exceeds and belies the youth in our hearts and the aches in our backs.

Nick, Roy, Eddie Ray,Mitch

Nick Letourneau, Roy Dayton, Eddie Ray Smith, Mitch Quinn