RPG Basics and Beyond Training Bundle

RPG Basics and Beyond training bundle is a low cost and effective way to develop RPG programming talent from within your organization.

RPG Basics and Beyond includes eight courses designed to take your student(s) from complete novice to productive application developer in just weeks

You get 110 hours of training that introduces the student to basic RPG and iSeries Operations and advances them step-by-step to interactive programming with subfiles! Train as many students at your location as you like. No multiple user license required!

ORDER NOW AND SAVE $3,480 ! Save 50% off single course prices by ordering the RPG Basics and Beyond bundle now! Note: To receive this discount, orders must be prepaid by check or credit card.

You will receive the following training:

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AOP1 System Operations $795
APD1 Program Development $295
ACL1 Control Language Programming $995
ADB1 Data Description Specifications $995
ARP1 RPG/400 Programming $995
ARG3 RPG/400 Interactive Programming $995
ARG4 RPG/400 Subfile Programming $995
ARP3 RPG IV Programming $895
TOTAL $6,960
Special Price: $3,480 plus $35.00 S&H in Continental US.
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