Advanced RPG
Training Bundle

( with RPG/free )

Finally a solution to tight budgets and heavy workloads. ATS has a low cost way to develop System i-iSeries-AS/400 talent from within: the ATS Advanced RPG Programming Training Bundle.

Expand your staff, by adding well trained talent from within, at a fraction of the cost. Train as many students at your location as you like. No multiple user license required!

Replace high priced contract programmers with well trained talent from within.

Overcome turnover by replacing staff with well trained talent from within, at about half the cost.

Add Programmers to Your Staff in Less than 30 Days!
This ATS Advanced RPG Bundle includes twelve courses designed to take someone from novice to application developer in less than a month. That's roughly 155 hours of training to take a new employee from square one to interactive programming with subfiles! The first seven courses cover the basics of programming in RPG/400. RPG IV Programming is designed to get RPG/400 programmers started with the RPG IV language. SQL/400 provides practical training in SQL/400 including Interactive and Embedded SQL/400. RPG Skills Accelerator covers 11 advanced RPG programming subjects. With ILE RPG Subprocedures Workshop the students will gain all the practical knowledge they need to develop subprocedures. RPG Modernization with WDSC from III to IV to /Free This course brings the student up to speed in RPG/free.

Moving into the New World of RPG Programming
Converting from RPG III to RPG IV and then to RPG /free will be the best move you've ever made. Your programs will be more readable, easier to maintain, and easier to teach to new programmers. Just as important, by moving to RPG /free syntax, you will be positioning yourself for the move to true ILE programming. Whether you're writing RPG III code today, have moved to basic RPG IV syntax, or are somewhere in between, this bundle will take you to the next level in RPG programming.

ORDER NOW FOR ONLY $6,060 AND SAVE $3,580 with early pay !
While you can order any individual course, you can SAVE $3,580 by ordering the entire bundle with payment. Credit cards welcome. Future programmers will receive the following training:

AOP1 System Operations $795
WDS7 WDSC for RPG Programmers $495
ACL1 Control Language Programming $995
ADB1 Data Description Specifications $995
ARP1 RPG/400 Programming $995
ARG3 RPG/400 Interactive Programming $995
ARG4 RPG/400 Subfile Programming $995
ARP3 RPG IV Programming $895
ADB3 SQL/400 $995
ARP9 RPG Skills Accelerator $495
RPGS ILE RPG Subprocedures Workshop $495
FREE RPG Modernization with RPG/free $495
TOTAL $9,640
Special Price: $6,060 plus $55.00 S&H in Continental US.
Course Code= ARPT
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ATS Training Produces Results!

The ATS Advanced RPG Bundle provides interactive self-paced training and reference material that quickly develop the skills necessary for the professional to be productive at their job function. The audio CD, workbook, and software format furnishes a hands-on approach that rapidly brings the professional up to speed in whatever skill set they need to acquire. Don't waste time. ATS Training can immediately expand your staff's programming skills. ATS training has produced results for over 50,000 companies.

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